Terms of Service

Park on the Fly provides a service to facilitate parking. The following terms apply to the usage of the Park on the Fly service. This consists of the website, phone system and all the materials used to make parking convenient and simple. By using the service you have agreed to these terms. We reserve the right to, without notice, revise these Terms of Service. The privacy policy, incorporated by reference, is taken very seriously. Park on the Fly will not sell, distribute, or disclose information unless necessary to conduct business or deemed essential to comply in response to legal or administrative proceedings.

Park on the Fly’s services are limited to:

  • convenient parking payments options
  • showing parking availability

Services to not include:

  • guarantee parking availability
  • operating parking lots
  • accept responsibility for the safety of persons or property at parking locations

It is the user’s responsibility to select suitable, safe parking and provide the necessary information to the system. Parking involves an inherent and unlimited number of risks (e.g. collisions, vandalism, thievery, natural phenomenon, towing damage, etc…). Park on the Fly, and lot owners can not be held liable for damage to property or person before, during or after the parking experience. Parking is at the risk of the customer and done under the customer’s discretion.

Park on the fly is not a parking company. Parking lots are maintained by those entities and we are not responsible for actions taken by these entities. Additionally, Park on the Fly is not responsible for damage to property based on actions taken by these entities.

Park on the Fly maintains contractual agreements to provide its service. Our service is limited to the terms as stated, additional limitations or restrictions may apply individually to various parking locations. Failure to use the system, comply with all lot requirements (e.g. operating hours, double parking, etc…), providing inaccurate information, or user error can result in violating the parking agreement. As such, Park on the Fly users acknowledge that failure comply with all stipulations, laws, and conditions of parking may result in being towed or ticketed in accordance with the governing laws and regulations. Furthermore, your account may be closed without notice for any breach of the terms of service. Users accept all risks and consequences associated with failure to comply with all stipulations for parking (e.g. tickets, towing costs, damages, account closure, and expenses).

Cancellations and Refunds
All sales of parking reservations are final, so please carefully check your schedule before making a reservation via the system. The benefits of reserving a space ahead of time are great, so rest assured that our service is worthwhile. If the reserved space was not available during the specified day and time, Park on the fly will refund the amount of the reservation for that specific time period. To receive a refund documentation must be provided clearly showing no parking space was available. This should include: a picture and time stamp of the full lot, and the confirmation of the Park on the fly reservation date and time.

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